Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wicken Fen.

The weather has been incredibly hot recently here in Wicken, meaning that after a long day working on the reserve I've chosen to stay in and relax over taking photos. However, this morning after a week of not being out I chose to see how the swallow chicks are doing.
It turns out that the swallow in the last blog post was actually sitting on eggs. They had all hatched by the friday. A week later I went to photograph them. The top image is a quick edit of one of the shots. Today, ten days later than the last time I photographed them, they're almost ready to fledge. I suspect by Monday they'll have left the nest, or at least one of them will have.
I was also treated to two reed warbler chicks being fed by the adult, but I only managed to photograph one of them being fed.
I should really edit these properly, however for now, these edits will have to do.